Net financial debt balance sheet calculation formula
What is a company's net debt (Net Debt) Home page ➞ Stock market info ➞
We create a reserve for doubtful debts in tax accounting
Doubtful and bad receivables: how to recognize From the article you will learn: 1. Why group
debt transfer
Lawyer's advice: what to do when the bank sold the debt to collectors?
The assignment of the right of claim under a loan agreement is widely used in financial practice, not only between large
debt write-off procedure
Foreclosure of receivables within the framework of enforcement proceedings
Hello dear friends! Today there will be an article on the topic: Old songs about the main thing! About order
Debt forecast based on calculation of the collection ratio
Receivables maturity When analyzing financial statements, to assess financial stability in the short term
How to write off a housing and communal services debt based on the statute of limitations
Debts for utilities will be written off directly from your bank card
Key Points Debts on utility bills cannot accumulate indefinitely. Sooner or later representatives
Accounts receivable
How is the average turnover time of accounts receivable and accounts payable determined?
This indicator can accurately measure the speed at which a company's debt is repaid. The thing is,
Loan write-off due to statute of limitations
Nuances under the simplified tax system Under the simplified tax system, the exact timing of writing off accounts payable is not defined. Because after
Duration of receivables turnover formula
Definition Receivable turnover ratio measures the rate of repayment of an organization's receivables, how much
What is a novation agreement for a loan obligation?
Novation of debt as an alternative to debt obligation
Definition of the concept of innovation Novation (Latin novato - renewal, change) is a form of termination of an obligation by
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